Property Maintenance Solutions NQ offers a wide range of home maintenance and handyman services for both your home or commercial premises throughout the greater Townsville region.

Deck Maintenance

Keeping your deck sanded, oiled, stained, and up-to shape ensures that it will last longer. With our deck sanding and staining services and general decking maintenance service, your deck will look good and last long. Enquire about a regular maintenance plan.

Pool Maintenance & Safety Aust

We offer a pool cleaning and maintenance service either on an adhoc basis or as a regular and routine service. By maintaining your pool properly you’ll have optimum swimming conditions year-round with no downtime. We can turn a murky green pool into a crystal-clear backyard oasis by ensuring that your pool has the correct chemical levels to kill off any water-borne bacteria which could be harmful for your family. Every regular customer gets a FREE water polish added to their pool.

Handyman services

From installing doors and replacing locks, repairing fence and gate, driveway and path cleaning, and paint and plaster job, we can assist with all these tasks and other general handyman services.

General Maintenance

We offers a wide range of general maintenance services for both your home or commercial premises.

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